Editorial Policy

Comics Gaming Magazine and the CGM website have a three-fold function, to report on news in comics and games, to provide editorial opinion and analysis on various topics within these media, and finally, to review the products. This pillar of reporting, commentary and review is executed through both the print magazine as text, as text articles on the CGM website, as well as audio podcasts and video commentary and playthroughs.

All articles that appear on CGMagazine Online or in the print version of CGMagazine are edited by a team of in-house staff. We do not accept user submissions, although we do welcome tips on developing stories.

Our editorial staff is composed of a mix of on-site staff and contributors. Our writers are at various levels of experience depending on age. Some of our staff have had over 10 years of experience writing and reporting on the gaming industry, while others have been active in the scene for just a handful of years. Our contributors report from around the globe, whether its Asia, America or Europe. They also provide a lot of editorial commentary, which, it needs to be stressed, is something called an “opinion.”

If any writer has a previous friendship with a developer, they will disclose it where applicable.

No rumours will be published without checking the proper channels first. When covering news stories, we strive to only report on the facts as they are at the time of reporting. CGMagazine will fact-check all news or stories, and if a story is proven false after the time of publication for any reason, the magazine will retract the story and provide a disclaimer on what has changed. The original story will stay up for archival purposes with a notice about the new facts a reader should be aware of.

If we accept travel or accommodation from a company, we’ll disclose it.

We will only accept games, items for reviews and things that enable us to do our job (i.e. consoles, peripherals).

We reserve the right to correct any factual errors that exist within an article when they are brought to our attention.

People that interview or have a relationship with the developer will not be given the task of reviewing the same developer’s product to ensure an unbiased opinion for the review process.

CGMagazine will not do paid reviews for any reason. Any paid features on a company or product will be marked accordingly.

If any CGM writer covers a story, they will look at both sides. Anything published under rumour or speculation will be clearly stated.

Our writers will not use hateful language, slurs or any derogatory comments against any cultural group.

If you believe any story has breached any of the editorial policy please let us know.