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Editor's Choice: Top 5 Highlights of PlayStation Showcase (September 2021)

PS5 Has a Bright Future
Sep 12, 2021 | Chris De Hoog
The latest PlayStation Showcase brought plenty of titles…

Why Nvidia's GeForce RTX 2080 is Still a Great Choice in 2021

Still a Rock Solid Option
Sep 10, 2021 | Zubi Khan
In the age where GPU's are hard to…

Video Games and the Life Skills They Teach

Let’s show you exactly what you can learn!
Sep 6, 2021 | CGMagazine
The best place to begin to understand what…

Editor's Choice: Top 5 Must-Have Game Boy Classics For Switch Online

Now You're Playing with Portable Power!
Sep 5, 2021 | Chris De Hoog
Rumours are swirling that Switch Online's library may…

Why Should You Use VPN for Xbox?

A Great Tool For Gamers on Any Platform
Sep 4, 2021 | CGMagazine
Virtual Private Networks, also known as VPNs, are…

Longform: Why are VR Games Tricky for AAA Studios?

The Difference in Fostering a VR Platform or Replicating It
Sep 1, 2021 | Clement Goh
VR should be the best way to enjoy…

CGM Monthly Top 10 Reviews: August 2021

Reviews That Raved This Month
Aug 31, 2021 | Dayna Eileen
CGM Monthly Top 10 announces the top 10…

The Quality Of Your Headphones Is Important, Here's Why

Some of the Most Important Things to Look For
Aug 30, 2021 | CGMagazine
The combination of loudness, accuracy and other features…

Editor's Choice: Top 5 Ghost of Tsushima Distractions

Sometimes the blade may stray
Aug 29, 2021 | Chris De Hoog
The amount of content in Ghost of Tsushima…

Is Your Gaming Account Safe From Hackers?

How can hackers get into your gaming account?
Aug 23, 2021 | CGMagazine
In this article, you’ll learn the most common…

Benefits of Blockchain for The Gaming Industry

Crypto Games Are Coming
Aug 18, 2021 | CGMagazine
Blockchain or crypto games are gradually gaining ground…

Boost Your MMR in League of Legends With These Expert Tips

Tips to take you to the next level
Aug 16, 2021 | Brendan Frye
For Those of you who have already played…
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