Diablo 4 Guide: All Altars of Lilith Locations


In the foreboding expanses of Diablo 4‘s Sanctuary, few secrets hold as much allure as the Altars of Lilith. Tucked away in the remotest corners of this desolate world, these ancient statues offer indispensable bonuses for your quest against demonic forces.

While you are working your way to crafting legendary gear and farming Murmuring Obol, it makes sense to uncover all the Altars of Lilith along the way, making all your heroes in the same world stronger in the process.

The Power of Altars of Lilith

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Every discovered Altar of Lilith imbues permanent, account-wide boosts that can elevate your hero to with new powers and enhancements. Whether it’s enhancing your base stats, such as Strength and Intelligence, or expanding your Murmuring Obol capacity, each altar is a trove of vital upgrades.

Potential rewards from the Altars of Lilith:

  • Dexterity +2
  • Intelligence + 2
  • Willpower + 2
  • Strength +2
  • Skill Points
  • Increased Obol capacity

Where to Find Altars of Lilith?

The Altars of Lilith are waiting in the secret corners of Diablo 4, from the northern corners of Scosglen to the southern points of Hawezar. Even though they are often hidden in the scenery, finding them gives you an unbeatable feeling of accomplishment.

Once claimed, these magical altars mark your map with a clear sign, making it easy to keep track of your finds. Combine this with our complete guide, which breaks down each Altar location by area and zone, and you’ll be well on your way to finding all of Diablo 4‘s most potent secrets.

Fractured Peaks

Diabloiv Fracturedpeaks2

Starting your journey into Diablo 4, you are met by the Fractured Peaks, a perilous blend of frozen crags and icy expanses positioned strategically between the untamed Scosglen and mystic Hawezar. This daunting expanse of Sanctuary doubles as the sacred dwelling of the enigmatic Cathedral of Light, along with many Altars of Lilith waiting to be discovered. Bracing yourself for the journey, remember: Fractured Peaks isn’t just your starting zone—it’s your initial confrontation with a world on the brink, where every choice can make or break the battle against Hell.


Encompassing the significant northern third of the Diablo 4 map, Scosglen presents itself as a lush yet eerie expanse laden with abundant foliage and sinister woods. This rich but uncertain land is home to the solitary druids and the mystic inhabitants of the ancient woods, enhancing its ethereal aura.

Even though Scosglen looks beautiful from the outside, it is not a safe place to be. It is naturally hostile, which makes it a hard task for adventurers. This challenge is made even harder by the fact that it is likely to be the second stop on your journey right after you explore the Fractured Peaks. So, Scosglen is a very interesting place in the Diablo 4 world because it combines the beauty of nature with a sense of danger and suspense. Also, there are a lot of Altars of Lilith to find, and each one brings you closer to your final hero.

Dry Stepps

Diabloiv Drysteps

In the unforgiving western frontier of the Diablo 4 map, Dry Steppes boldly declares its gruelling nature. This unapologetically rough terrain presents an arid vista that plays stingy with the one commodity that’s a lifeline in such a climate: water. This crucial scarcity pushes survival to its breaking point for any daring to inhabit this extreme landscape.

But this area is far from being empty, with its large cracks and dry plains. A mix of ruthless barbarians and mercenaries use them as hunting grounds. They seem to enjoy the harsh conditions as they roam the area. Their scary presence keeps naive people from going into these dangerous places. It also reminds them of how much is at stake in this difficult part of the Diablo 4 world.


Situated in the shadowy southeast corner of the Diablo 4 map, Hawezar has earned its chilling moniker as a swamp of death, where malevolent black magic and slithering horrors lurk in its sodden depths. Each squelch of a tired footstep resonates through the muggy air, intensifying the palpable feeling of dread that permeates the place – a dread so tangible that it’s as if the very trees could be your adversaries.

Hawezar has become a kind of dystopian haven in Sanctuary’s society, giving thieves and other shady people a place to hide. These evil people find that the fog that hangs around the swamplands is a great way to hide their evil activities—making this a truly dangerous region for unaware travellers.


Kehjistan is a desert wasteland in the southwest corner of the DIablo 4 map. It is a dangerous place for even the bravest explorers. Its sand dunes keep going and going, seeming to go on forever, catching anyone who dares to step into their cruel embrace.

But the harsh landscape isn’t the only thing that makes this place dangerous. Kehjistan is full of dangerous creatures and other threats. It is a hostile place where demons, evil ancestors, and the never-ending servants of Lilith play, giving tired visitors little time to rest. Even in the temporary safety of its spread cities and small towns, danger lurks in the shadows. This constant threat is what makes Kehjistan in Diablo 4 so exciting and packed with Altars of Lilith waiting to be uncovered.

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