Diablo 4 Guide: Unraveling the Mystery of The Purveyor of Curiosities

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Embarking on the journey through the ominous yet exhilarating world of Diablo 4, players encounter many challenging monsters, intricate quests, and an array of intriguing characters. Among these characters are the fascinating Purveyor of Curiosities vendor NPCs, an essential element within the game’s vast and complex ecosystem. Navigating these vendors’ unique trading systems is not only rewarding but adds a novel layer of strategic depth to your gameplay.

Unlike your standard merchant, these traders deal in a mystic currency called Murmuring Obols, and their wares have the potential to elevate your in-game capabilities significantly. This comprehensive guide will shed light on who these Purveyor of Curiosities are, where to find them, and how to maximize your interactions with them. Whether you’re a seasoned Diablo player or a newcomer to Sanctuary, understanding how to utilize these vendors is pivotal in making your journey more exciting and fruitful.

Who are the Purveyor of Curiosities in Diablo 4?

Where To Find The Curiosity Vendor In Diablo 4

Purveyors of Curiosities are a special type of merchant in Diablo 4. Unlike traditional vendors, they deal exclusively in a unique currency known as Murmuring Obols. These vendors offer a variety of items, each with a chance of being a valuable piece of legendary-level equipment, and even if you don’t get the best, you still may end up with valuable pieces of gear or weapons.

While obtaining items from these traders can feel like a gamble due to the randomness of the drops, they provide an excellent opportunity to acquire rare randomized gear. You also must go to them to obtain the Whispering Keys, your ticket to unlocking the Silent Chests—the special locked chests that you will find scattered around Sanctuary. 

The Currency of Curiosity: Murmuring Obols

Murmuring Obols are the sole currency Purveyor of Curiosities accepts. Acquiring these unique coins is part of the thrill of interacting with these vendors. They provide a novel and exciting twist to your exploration of Sanctuary. Remember, the higher the quantity of Murmuring Obols you spend, the better the chance of obtaining legendary equipment.

Where to Find Purveyor of Curiosities

The first Purveyor of Curiosities you encounter can be found in Kiowashad, situated in the Shattered Peaks near the central square. You can find the Purveyor of Curiosities in most of the major towns in Diablo 4, giving you plenty of options while you are adventuring. You’ll always find their location displayed on the map as an icon with a bag and gold with a question mark.


While their introduction might feel special, Purveyor of Curiosities are widespread across Diablo 4’s vast open world. You can discover them in all major cities within the regions of Sanctuary. Despite being scattered across various locations, their offerings remain consistent, enabling players to visit any of these unique merchants for a chance at legendary gear.

Making the Trade: How to Interact with Purveyor of Curiosities

You’re ready to make a trade once you’ve gathered sufficient Whispering Obols. Select the type of equipment you desire, from headbands, shields, boots, gloves, rings, and so on, and let the trader work their magic.

Here’s a rundown of everything the Purveyor of Curiosities sells and its cost in Mumuring Obols:

  • One-Handed Weapons– 50 Obols 
  • Bow/Crossbow– 75 Obols 
  • Two-Handed Weapons– 75 Obols 
  • Off-Hand Weapons (Focus)– 40 Obols 
  • Cap– 40 Obols 
  • Tunic– 40 Obols 
  • Gloves– 40 Obols 
  • Boots– 40 Obols 
  • Pants– 40 Obols 
  • Ring– 40 Obols 
  • Amulet– 60 Obols 
  • Whispering Key– 20 Obols
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Remember, this exchange is like gambling. You’re not guaranteed a legendary item every time. However, the allure lies in the chance of getting a highly rare item that would be considerably more challenging to obtain through regular gameplay. The rarity of the items you receive can vary from common to legendary.

Making the Most Out of Your Trade

Regardless of the equipment’s rarity, trading with a Purveyor of Curiosities is never a waste. If you receive an item you don’t need, you can sell or dismantle it, yielding gold and materials as a bonus. This way, every interaction with a Purveyor of Curiosities proves beneficial in enriching your Diablo 4 experience.

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Purveyor of Curiosities in Diablo 4 adds an additional layer of excitement to the game’s already rich landscape. Their unique trading system provides an exhilarating risk-reward dynamic that can potentially speed up the acquisition of legendary equipment. This guide should now have equipped you with the knowledge you need to make the most out of your dealings with these fascinating characters and check out our other guides to dive even deeper into the world of Diablo 4.

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