About CGMagazine

Comics Gaming Magazine first entered the Canadian scene in 2010 and has been steadily growing and evolving since then. Originally just a monthly print publication distributed within Canada, CGM is now a thriving website and print publication with a digital version that is available globally. Unsurprisingly, the focus of Comics Gaming Magazine is… comics and gaming.aboutpage-350x450

The coverage of these topics isn’t what people might be expecting. Both comics and games have come a long way from being niche entertainment for children that is eventually abandoned as people mature. Both media are now powerful forces of art and entertainment in their own right, with vibrant history and culture. At CGM, we treat them as such. Comics have been a barometer for society since the 1930s and games are finally coming into their own as an important part of mainstream life, with just much prominence given to a new Call of Duty release as the biggest summer blockbuster of the year.

Both media also have individuals and groups that are trying to do more than just broadly entertain, and that’s an aspect that CGM focuses on a lot. There is a culture to both comics and games now. There are issues within these cultures, artistic concerns, even social and moral ones that challenge both the artist and the audiences alike. Even through there are plenty of “breezy” issues of comics like the X-Men, there’s also something like Maus. And for all the Super Mario games that have put smiles on youthful players for decades, there’s are games like Gone Home that explore issues of sexuality in compassionate, mature ways. Beyond just the feeling the audience gets from consuming the works, there are creative processes and struggles of the people behind the scenes, making these works happen. We even look at the movies that both of those creative platforms are now surrounded by, and how these new adaptations compare to the original source material.

CGM is about more than just discussing new comics and games and their entertainment value, although we also do that. CGM is about what comics and games mean to a mature audience that has grown up with them, and want to see these forms continue to grow as well. It’s about looking at the social, cultural, artistic and even moral elements of the art, artists and audience involved. And it all comes to the readers on the website, the printed page, and a digital magazine on phones, tablets and other computing devices.

In other words, CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score.



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