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Want A Comic Book Inspired Tattoo? Here'S How To Decide
Dec 15, 2020
How to best plan out your new Comic Inspired Ink!

Want a Comic Book Inspired Tattoo? Here’s How to Decide

Ideally, it is advisable to get one that would still be pleasant to look at even in the years to come without regretting it. Therefore, for you to choose the best comic book-inspired tattoo, always…

Want To Play Pokémon Tcg? Here'S How!
Dec 9, 2020
Never a better time to jump back into Pokémon!

Want to Play Pokémon TCG? Here’s How!

Even after almost two decades in the scene, Pokemon TCG remains to have numerous fans all over the globe. If this game piqued your interest, then read on to know its mechanics and how to play it.

What'S The Best-Looking Console? 15
Dec 3, 2020
Not that anyone spends too much time looking at their consoles

What’s The Best-Looking Console?

With CGMagazine having just been sent review units of both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, what better time to reflect on the best-looking console designs of all time?

Video Games To Look Out For If You Like Escape Rooms 4
Nov 26, 2020
When you can’t get out!

Video Games to Look Out For If You Like Escape Rooms

If you’re a big fan of escape rooms and want to dive into the subgenre of puzzle adventure games, you need to check some of these video games.

Playstation Invests In Discord—Will Integrate With Consoles In 2022
Nov 16, 2020
Sony’s detailed 20-year quest for revenge

The Road to PlayStation 5: A CGM Story

To mark the PlayStation 5’s launch, CGM delivers a compendium of Sony’s rise to power in the games industry through consoles and exclusives which redefined it.

Must-Know Tips On How To Buy Retro Video Games Online
Nov 11, 2020
Retro Buying Has Never Been Easier

Must-Know Tips on How to Buy Retro Video Games Online

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of nostalgia. Thinking of buying a video game online? There are several games that you can get on the games market, but they significantly differ.  Th…

The Road To Xbox Series X: A Cgm Story 12
Nov 11, 2020
The story so far

The Road to Xbox Series X: A CGM Story

Xbox has graced the presence of gamers worldwide for almost 20 years. Since then, it’s evolved through four different iterations of form factor, speed and hardware as technology enabled it to. The …

Walmart Canada Promises Info Regarding Online Restocks Of Ps5 And Xbox Series Consoles Next Week
Nov 10, 2020
The Definitive Next Gen Cheat Sheet

Console Battle: CGM’s Next Gen Buyer’s Guide

As the next gen of gaming launches, CGM puts the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S toe-to-toe on offerings, from specs, value and exclusives down a long road.

5 Roguelikes To Play After Hades 2
Nov 9, 2020
Games to keep you coming back for more

5 Great Roguelikes to Play after Hades

If you love Hades as much as we do, you’ve already probably run through Hell and back again enough times to have seen most of what the game has to offer.

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