Heroes & Generals

Adam Taylor

Heroes & Generals - 2012-06-01 18:39:04

Heroes & Generals

World War II. Yes, admittedly it’s been the setting for more shooters than I can remember. So what makes Heroes & Generals special when compared to all the rest? Well, the main point would be that instead of your typical match-based shooter where every round is a contained event, the game provides a living and […]

Guacamelee! – Luchadores Action in Two Dimensions Plus One

Mexican wrestling meets Metroid-vania in a stylistic 2D world. That would be the most accurate, albeit bizarre, description of Guacamelee!, the new game coming from Drinkbox Studios.

Patch on the Run

Hello all, this is Adam Taylor filling in for Tim Ashdown this week. Here to deliver the latest Patch Notes update. This time we’re taking a look at portable patches with the 3DS.

Video Vita Calls with Skype

Yet another feature to be added to the PS Vita’s repertoire.

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