The Age Of Decadence: A Rare Blast From An Ancient Past

Ewan Wilson

The Age Of Decadence: A Rare Blast From An Ancient Past 5

The Age of Decadence: A Rare Blast From an Ancient Past

Edward Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is one of the most famous history books ever written.
Victor Vran (Pc) Review 5

Victor Vran (PC) Review

The city of Zagoravia is cursed. Horrors of the night prowl Victorian-esque streets, whilst monsters infest the labyrinthine guts of the city. You play Victor Vran, a dour hero and demon-hunter, recognisably voiced by Doug Cockle (Geralt of Rivia). Whilst a competent and often exciting action RPG, it’s hard not to feel as though the […]
Extremely Replayable: Killing Floor 2 Preview 7

Extremely Replayable: Killing Floor 2 Preview

Killing Floor started out as an Unreal Tournament 2004 mod, only being released as a standalone game on Steam several years later.
Dungeons 2 (Pc) Review

Dungeons 2 (PC) Review

When Dungeon Keeper released in 1997, developer Bullfrog was going strong and Peter Molyneux was still building a reputation for creative design and adding clever twists to tired formulas. You can practically imagine the studio’s first brainstorming session: what if instead of playing as the good guy, you controlled the hand of Evil? Manipulating minions […]
Mayan Death Robots Preview 5

Mayan Death Robots Preview

Mayan Death Robots. Sometimes you only need a name to hook people. Mayan Death Robots isn’t necessarily a good name, just one that, like Goat Simulator or Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus, positions itself perfectly for memetic transmission. You instantly know it’s something light, silly and easy to pick-up and share. Mayan Death Robots is […]
Rive Preview 4

RIVE Preview

RIVE is a new 2D scrolling shooter/platformer hybrid developed by Two Tribes, the team behind platform puzzler Toki Tori. You’re blasted straight into the action – hurtling from the left to the right of the screen whilst dodging clusters of asteroids and missile salvos. The action might be hyper paced, but it’s easy to pick […]
Early Access: Victor Vran 7

Early Access: Victor Vran

Victor Vran is the latest game being worked on by Bulgaria’s largest game developer Haemimont Games (city-builder Tropico). It also sounds like something that’s come straight out of a marketing department. The game is named after the monster-hunting protagonist, a sort of knock-off Van Helsing with a leather hat and all black getup. Things become […]
Early Access: Armello 5

Early Access: Armello

Armello is a turn-based digital board game being developed by the Australian-based “League of Geeks”. You’ll be aware that Australia is home to some rather odd looking fauna, but the armour-clad wolves and upright hares in Armello are of a different class entirely. This colourful anthropomorphism is reminiscent of the Redwall series’ book covers. Tales […]
Finding Adventure In Elite: Dangerous

Finding Adventure in Elite: Dangerous

Out of the short 200,000 years humans have existed, we’ve spent over 90% wandering without a home to tie us down. Perhaps in the future we will once again be nomadic? Elite: Dangerous is a game that goes some way towards capturing the adventurous nature of the wanderer. More often than not, you’ll see Elite […]

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