Pathfinder Rpg Emulates The Tabletop Feel

Matt Demers

Pathfinder Rpg Emulates The Tabletop Feel - 2013-04-24 17:34:27

Pathfinder RPG emulates the tabletop feel

Making comics adapting other properties is always a challenge, but what about the experience of a tabletop RPG?
Young Avengers: The Teen Team For The Tumblr Generation - 2013-04-10 18:34:55

Young Avengers: The Teen Team for the Tumblr Generation

The longer you spend online, the more likely you are to get involved with some kind of fandom.
Fraction'S Hawkeye: Straight On The Mark - 2013-04-09 16:04:52

Fraction’s Hawkeye: Straight on the Mark

Matt Fraction has evolved into something of a Marvel flagship player as of late. From humble beginnings writing sci-fi titles likeThe Five Fists of Science and Casanova to large-scale epics like The Invincible Iron Man, Uncanny X-Men and Thor, Fraction has produced compelling worlds and great characters.
Brian Wood, The Massive, And The Importance Of Adapting - 2013-03-26 18:01:32

Brian Wood, The Massive, and the importance of adapting

To start this off, I’d like to say I’m a big fan of Brian Wood’s work.
Why You Should Be Reading Adventure Time 3

Why you should be reading Adventure Time

It’s hard to write about Adventure Time like it’s an underground phenomenon.
Five Reasons To Read: An Introduction

Five Reasons To Read: An Introduction

Welcome to “Five Reasons to Read”, a new column that will take a look at ongoing comic series and tell you why they should be on your pull list.

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