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Gamey Tastes: Recipes, Ingredients and Cooking Methodz

CGMagazine sat with Call of Duty League player Anthony "Methodz" Zinni, while learning more about an acquired chef persona inspired by his Italian upbringing.

A Community of Creation and Dreams

From building new game experiences too making sound effects, Dreams gives the tools so that creators of all styles can jump in and be a part of the community.

Random Acts of Violence - Roundtable with Writer/ Director Jay Baruchel

We sat down to chat with Jay Baruchel about his experience in comics and how his upbringing and ever changing sensibilities created the living document that became the script for his first scary movie.

Mud, Blood and Steel: Talking to Ghost of Tsushima’s Nate Fox

CGMagazine took some time to talk to Nate Fox, Game Director at the studio to dive into how Ghost of Tsushima came to be, and how the classic film genre helped shape the core of the gameplay experience.

The Evolution of Esports: An Interview with Blast! CEO Robbie Douek

Fresh off a $12.5 million investment and their first major tournament during COVID-19, Blast! CEO Robbie Douek is aiming to expand esports to new heights.

Writing The Apocalypse: Talking to Halley Gross of The Last of Us Part II

Diving into the topics of darkness, narrative and character, Halley Gross gives some thoughts on the The Last of Us Part II and gives a glimpse of how game studios and the collaborative teams bring a new depth to the act of storytelling.

How The Last of Us Part II Pushes Accessibility to its Limits

CGM sat down remotely with Steve Saylor to talk about The Last of Us Part 2 from its impact beyond scope, narrative and gameplay for players with disabilities.

Ori and the Evolution of a Studio

CGMagazine took some time to sit down with Thomas Mahler of Moon Studios to talk about Ori and the Will of the Wisps, the studio, and how the studio has evolved in the wake of Ori and their connection to Xbox.

Brazil’s Biggest Games Expo Goes Digital

With Brazil’s biggest games expo delayed until next year, fans can still look forward to BIG Digital, a brand new, online experience that promises to bring the popular event to a digital platform.

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