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Ori and the Evolution of a Studio

Ori and the Evolution of a Studio

CGMagazine took some time to sit down with Thomas Mahler of Moon Studios to talk about Ori and the Will of the Wisps, the studio, and how the studio has evolved in the wake of Ori and their connection to Xbox.

Auto Draft 341

Brazil’s Biggest Games Expo Goes Digital

With Brazil’s biggest games expo delayed until next year, fans can still look forward to BIG Digital, a brand new, online experience that promises to bring the popular event to a digital platform.

The Evolution of an Online Legacy

16 Years of EVE Online

First launched in 2003, EVE Online is one of the oldest MMOs still running today.

Voicing Heartman

Voicing Heartman

With 2020 just starting, it is hard to not look back onto 2019 and see

The Assent Into Madness

The Assent Into Madness

The world of film has long explored possession and losing one’s self to outside forces.

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