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Passport To Horror: Talking To The Orgaziners Behind Frightmare In The Falls 2
Oct 25, 2019
Canada’s Largest Horror Con Returns

Passport to Horror: Talking to the Orgaziners behind Frightmare in the Falls

Fall is finally here, and with it comes the season of superstition, horror and if you are in the Niagra Region, Frightmare In the Falls. This yearly event brings all the best and brightest of the h…

Drug-Fueled Time Travel 1
Oct 25, 2019
Talking to Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson of Synchronic

Drug-Fueled Time Travel

Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson have built a name for themselves with their body of work. Their unique take on the science fiction and horror genres goes beyond typical genre filmmaking, forcing t…

Violence, Creativity And Filmmaking: Takashi Miike Discusses His Latest Film First Love
Oct 24, 2019
A Method to the Madness

Violence, Creativity and Filmmaking: Takashi Miike Discusses his Latest Film First Love

Takashi Miike is a director that throughout his nearly 30-year career has made some iconic and memorable films. From Ichi the Killer to Audition, he has built a large range of movies, all transgres…

A Primal Evolution: Talking To Cartoon Legend Genndy Tartakovsky
Oct 4, 2019
Venture into a brutal, Primal cartoon world

A Primal Evolution: Talking to Cartoon Legend Genndy Tartakovsky

Genndy Tartakovsky has worked on some of TV’s most influential cartoons. From Dexter’s Laboratory to Samurai Jack he has built a reputation for crafting complex and engaging television. With the la…

Becoming A Warrior – Talking To Actor Andrew Koji 8
Oct 2, 2019
Bringing Bruce Lee’s Writings to Life

Becoming A Warrior – Talking to Actor Andrew Koji

The landscape of film and television is slowly shifting, and the days of minorities being relegated to the background are slowly changing.

From Evil Dead, To Belive It Or Not: A Chat With Bruce Campbell 5
Oct 1, 2019
Still Groovy

From Evil Dead, to Believe it Or Not: A Chat With Bruce Campbell

It is hard to deny the impact Bruce Campbell has had on genre cinema. From the humble start working on the Evil Dead back in 1981 to his countless film and television roles, Bruce Campbell has made…

Drawing The Weird: Mike Feehan Discusses Working In The Comics Industry
Oct 1, 2019
Oddly Creative

Drawing The Weird: Mike Feehan Discusses Working in The Comics Industry

The comics industry is a hard place. With so many people wanting to jump into the world of comic creation, the slots available to new artists and creators are highly coveted. Yet, even with this fa…

Interview: Achillies Is But One Man: Creative Assembly Announces Total War: Troy
Sep 19, 2019
An Interview with Todor Nikolov, Lead Designer on Total War: Troy

Interview – Achilles is But One Man: Creative Assembly Announces Total War: Troy

Continuing their legacy of expansive and epic ventures into historical warfare, Creative Assembly and Sega today announced a brand new member of the franchise that will have players shouting “Immor…

Vectorious: An Interview With Artist Orlando Arocena 4
Sep 17, 2019
“It was destiny for me to jump into working on movie posters.”

Vectorious: An Interview with Artist Orlando Arocena

Growing up in the Bronx, Orlando Arocena was constantly bombarded by street culture and graffiti.

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