Ark: Survival Evolved Receives Large Content Update on Consoles

Ark: Survival Evolved Receives Large Content Update on Consoles 1

Studio Wildcard released a large update for Ark: Survival Evolved on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The new patch (v256) comes adds a variety of new content to the open world action survival game. Vacuum-sealed bases can now be found underwater along with Tek Tier teleporter pads, wireless generators and more allowing for easier world exploration and greater building options. The new TEK Tier content is a wave sci-fi themed, end-game features created as a reward for hard-working players. Players interested in obtaining TEK Tier loot will need to gather the newly added element resource which is granted after completing Boss Arenas. In addition, Ark’s new update adds aquatic creature breeding and four new powerful creatures for players to find. The new update also introduces Ark’s major menu redesign to console players along with a complete visual and functional redesign overhaul – introducing a more streamlined look. The update also comes with a number of smaller updates such as new appearance options and weapons.

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Ark: Survival Evolved originally released on Steam Early Access in 2015. The game released on Xbox One in December of the same year and on PlayStation 4 in December of 2016. Ark: Survival Evolved is an open world game that can be played in a third-person or fourth-person perspective. In order to survive, players are tasked with establishing a base, forging weapons and fire and taming wild dinosaurs. 60 different species are found in the game and each creature has living ecosystems and predator hierarchies. Within a month of the game’s debut on Steam, Ark reached over one million sales. By August of 2016, the game had over 5.5 million sales across the Windows and Xbox platforms with 1.5 million being on Xbox One. In September last year, Developer Studio Wildcard released the first paid DLC for Ark. Their decision to release paid DLC for a game still in early access has caused some negative reactions from fans of the title.

Ark: Survival Evolved’s newest console update is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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