Edmund McMillen teases new game

Edmund McMillen teases new game 1

The mad genius behind The Binding of Issac, Edmund McMillen, is working on a new project, and he’s being as cryptic as always.

The Legend of Bum-bo was announced late last night, with a short amount of info being posted on the Binding of Issac blog.

Here’s what McMillen has given us so far:
* He’s described it as a “turn based puzzle RPG thingy thats randomly generated.”
* James Id is back again doing the programming and handling all the 3d aspects of the art. He did the programming for Fingered and did the ads for Issac
* McMillen is desiging, writing and handling the 2d art and character design
* Matthias and Jon of Ridiculon are back doing the audio. They composed the OST for Issac

It just wouldn’t be a McMillen game without some twists and turns in the announcement. For starters, as stated in the beginning, the announcement for Bum-bo was made on the Binding of Issac blog. In the piece of art featured in the post, the O in Bum-bo is none other than the Issac coin. And there’s a giant pile of poo.

Edmund Mcmillen Teases New Game

What does it all mean? When should we expect this game? Why now? McMillen will be happy to answer those questions in the coming months as he and his team put up more teases and cryptic tweets.

For now, it’s time to dig around the blog post. Something is probably embedded in there.

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