Epic Games Pays off Players in V-Bucks to Settle Fortnite Lawsuit

| February 23, 2021
Epic Games Pays off Players in V-Bucks to Settle Fortnite Lawsuit 1

Epic Games has been in the news regarding a lawsuit filed over random loot purchases in both Fortnite and Rocket league. The company would sell random surprise boxes of loot for in-game currency up until 2019, when they switched to X-ray Llamas in Fortnite: Save the World, allowing you to see what you would get before purchasing.

Fans on Twitter seem to be mocking Fortnite specifically, no one seeming really excited or upset about the settlement. Though the game makers have said they believe players should have transparency when making in-game purchases, it seems to have fallen on deaf ears in the comment section since people are still just talking about what skin, mode or item they want released next. Either way, to the people affected, it’s a bonus addition to their in-game currency.

The payment is coming to all players that have purchased a Random Llama or Box before they were discontinued. Although the settlement was only supposed to be for US players, Epic Games has decided to pay all players that bought these items 1000 V-Bucks or Rocket League Credits, stating that though they know some players enjoyed the surprise boxes, they knew others were disappointed.

For players wondering if they qualify for the reimbursement, Epic Games has stated that anyone who purchased these boxes will be automatically sent the correct in-game currency. Normally claimants would have to file a claim to get payment, but the company feels the payment is the right thing to do, and hopes their players agree, so they will send them out across the board over the next few days.

Anyone who purchased more than one Loot Llama might be disappointed to learn they will only receive one payment of 1000 V-bucks, and those that purchased the newer X-ray Llamas won’t receive any. Epic Games has requested that anyone looking for further information should go to http://www.epiclootboxsettlement.com/ to learn more about the class action settlement.

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