Farlight 84 Reveals New Mode and Beta Details

Farlight 84 Reveals New Mode and Beta Details

Farlight 84 is a third-person shooter from Lilith Games coming to PC and mobile next year with a closed beta and new mode announced.

Lilith Games is the mobile developer behind AFK Arena, Rise of Kingdoms, and Warpath. With Farlight 84, the team will delve into the third-person shooter genre for the first time, and the announcement of the game’s HUNT mode means it will feature battle royale mechanics as well.

Additionally, a closed beta period has been announced for those looking to check out the game prior to its launch sometime next year. Starting June 15th, players in France, Russia, Australia, Brazil, India, and Indonesia will be able to register to participate. Additional regions could be added at a later date.

Farlight 84
Farlight 84

Featuring cartoon-like graphics similar to Fortnite and an apocalyptic wasteland like you’d find in Fallout or Mad Max, Farlight 84 mixes interesting art style and settings to create a densely packed area for players to compete.

Set in 2084, Farlight 84 takes players to a chaotic wasteland world, where they’ll get to discover vibrant locations, discover a roster of characters bursting with personality, commandeer vehicles with deadly offensive capabilities, pick up weapons equipped with amazing abilities, and manoeuvre around the battlefield with a one-of-a-kind jetpack.

With the rise in the battle royale genre over the course of the last five years or so, it’s always good to see new contenders enter the arena. Whether Farlight 84 is the next big online multiplayer title is yet to be determined, but the mixing of popular aesthetics and settings on offer here should at least be something worth checking out for those interested in these types of experiences.

If only they’d make a Halo battle royale already, we could finally let the genre rest, but until that time, we continue the search.

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