Final Fantasy XII PS4 HD Remaster Announced

| June 6, 2016
Final Fantasy XII PS4 HD Remaster Announced 1

Final Fantasy 12 will be headed to the PS4 next year with a new HD remastered version, Square Enix announced today. The reveal trailer, that can be watched below, shows off the improved visuals that players can expect when the game launches.

The Zodiac Age is set to launch in 2017, and will be based on the International Job System version of the game, that originally never left Japan.

With Final Fantasy 12 being one of the only games to not have a PC release, it is interesting to note this new HD Remaster will be a PS4 exclusive. The version will boast improved visuals, 7.1 audio, English and Japanese voices, added auto save function, and an improved high-speed mode.

YouTube video

Square-Enix has been re-releasing many of the PS2 classic titles, with the most recent one being Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2. With most of their recent HD Remasters proving to be very well done, it will be exciting for fans of the series to see how it improves with this release.

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