Generation 1 Pokemon Farfetch’d Finally Gets An Evolution

| Sep 18, 2019
Generation 1 Pokemon Farfetch’d Finally Gets An Evolution 2

After a week of glitchy teasing, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield’s latest Pokemon has been revealed: Sirfetch’d, Farfetch’d’s evolution.

Exclusive to Pokemon Sword, this is a new addition to the Galar region. Sirfetch’d is a small white fowl adorned with a vegetable lance and shield. Said to have evolved after experiencing many battles, this knightly Pokemon is known for battling fairly. It’s so noble that it’s frequently chosen as a motif for paintings, one of the most famous depicting a duel between a Sirfetch’d and an Escavalier.

In battle, Sirfetch’d uses the sharp stalk of its leek as a lance and the thick leaves as a shield. It maintains this leek over the span of many years and treasures it more than anything. When its leek finally withers, Sirfetch’d will leave the battlefield and retire from battling entirely.

Meteor Assault is a new move introduced in this generation that only Sirfetch’d can learn. Sirfetch’d points its leek at the opponent and charges toward them at great speed. This move is devastatingly powerful, but forces Sirfetch’d to skip its next turn. This is pretty clearly a physical clone of Hyper Beam, but the extra detail is appreciated.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are due out for Nintendo Switch on November 15th. We’re less than 2 months out from this game’s release, and the drip-feed of news continues to excite. We’ll have to see how things pan out, but I’m pretty excited by how the games looks, and all the things it feels like we haven’t seen yet. Also, this just further proved to me that Sword is the way to go. CGMagazine will keep an eye out for further news on the games.

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