Super.Com Highlights Their Talented Indie Developers

| Oct 30, 2021
Super.Com Highlights Its Talented Indie Developers

Super.com is an international video game publisher and investment fund that supports and mentors indie developers along the path of development. In a new press release, Super highlighted three of the talented developers it working with.

The first studio is Busan Sanai games, a Korean-Canadian developer that released the paranormal stealth game Wonhon: A Vengeful Spirit. The studio is actually one person, Sean (Seungwhan) Shin, who was introduced to the company through GameDaily Connect 2019. About the whole process, Shin said, “Regular contact and feedback about the game helps a lot. Also, feeling like we’re on the same page and brainstorming new ideas together was really great for motivation.” Here’s the official description of Wonhon.

Super.com Highlights Their Talented Indie Developers
Wonhon: A Vengeful Spirit

Wonhon is a paranormal stealth-action and tactics game about a young Korean girl killed in a military conflict and returned from the dead to exact her revenge.

The second studio is PortaPlay, the Danish developer behind the World War II tactical game Broken Lines. Hans von Knut Skovfoged, Creative Director of PortaPlay, said “dependability is the keyword,” when working with Super, and that the company’s “well-oiled” practices were what originally drew him to it. Here’s the official description of the comedic WWII game,

“A three-sided war against the living and the undead awaits you in ‘The Dead and the Drunk’, the expansion for the tactical action game, Broken Lines. Fight off the horde of zombies or turn it against your enemies – anything works as long as your soldiers have enough booze to keep them going”

The third, and final studio, is a small Polish developer named Gruby Entertainment, which is currently working on its first game, an unannounced first-person shooter. With this studio, Super pointed out that it likes to support every aspect of development, with Grzegorz Michalak, Co-founder & Producer at Gruby Entertainment, saying “Apart from handling the publisher’s responsibilities, Super.com is engaged in the design process of the game. We are happy to gather feedback and iterate it during development.”

More info about the various games published by Super can be seen on the official website. Anyone can submit their project for consideration on the site as well.

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