Marvel announces four new books in the Ultimate line

Marvel announces four new books in the Ultimate line

The Ultimate Comics Universe will be reborn.

The Death of Spider-Man story will bring big changes to the Ultimate Universe when it concludes with Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160. The rebirth kicks off with a six-issue weekly series titled Ultimate Fallout in July, and Marvel has also announced four new series that will be published under the “Ultimate Comics Universe Reborn” banner with an all-star list of comic book creators.

Up first is a new Ultimates book entitled Ultimate Comics: Ultimates, which will be written by Jonathan Hickman and illustrated by Esad Ribic.  The team will feature Nick Fury, Thor, Spider-Woman, Hulk and “other heroes” that are yet to be named, although Hickman has stated that Captain America will not be a part of this new team.

The second book is Ultimate Comics: X-men, which will launch in September with Nick Spencer and Paco Medina pulling the strings. The core team of X-Men will include Kitty Pryde, Bobby Drake (Iceman), Johnny Storm (The Human Torch), Rogue, and Jimmy Hudson (the son of Wolverine in the Ultimate Universe).

Hickman will also write Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye, a four-part mini-series that will have some connections to Nick Spencer’s Ultimate Comics: X-Men. Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye will feature art from Rafa Sandoval.

Finally, Marvel will relaunch Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man with a brand new #1. The book will feature the return of Brian Michael Bendis, with Sara Pichell signing on to do the art. The new #1 will see a brand new person under the mask following the events of Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #160 in June.

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