Microsoft surprised by out pour of Xbox One negativity

| September 6, 2013
Microsoft surprised by out pour of Xbox One negativity  1

The massive amount of negativity following the Xbox One’s original used game and DRM policies surprised the company, said Xbox exec. Albert Penello.

In an interview with Rev3Games, Penello said, “We knew it was going to be a controversial decision. Was I surprised how negative the reaction was going to be? Yes.”

He said the company was looking at what Steam and iOS were doing, and malicious customer service was never the goal.

Penello added if he could, he would change the Xbox One’s initial messaging.

He also mentioned how some of the Xbox One’s original game sharing features may return at a later time, tying his comments to an earlier interview with Gamespot where he said a digital-only future, “Is going to happen.”

The family sharing initiative, which was also scrapped alongside the DRM policies, is something that many people actually want, Penello said.

“I get a lot of emails saying ‘god, please bring back the family sharing’. We’d love to figure out how to bring that back.”

Penello said a lot of good ideas were there, and they’ll be brought back, “When the time is right.”

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