Battlezone PlayStation VR Campaign Trailer Drops

| March 14, 2016
Battlezone PlayStation VR Campaign Trailer Drops

Although the Atari 2600 revival Battlezone was announced for PlayStation VR ten months ago, developer Rebellion has been rather quiet about the tank based shooter. But today, in a PlayStation Blog co-founder and creative director of Rebellion Jason Kingsley gave us a glimpse into the single player campaign.

The most notable takeaway from the post is the game boasts a re-generating hex map. “The campaign map where you pick missions is structured across a series of interlocking ‘hexes’ that need to be completed to progress to the finale, and it’s up to you to forge a path through the campaign of your own choosing,” says Kingsley in the blog post. “However, if you restart the campaign at any time, the hex map is re-generated procedurally, and dozens of environments, levels, and mission types are blended together in a different combination. So each hex is now completely different from what it was before!” While randomly generated maps are nothing new, but the constant change makes for some replayability.

Aside from that, Rebellion added a gameplay trailer to show off a few more of the games features, and its unique aesthetic.

Overall, this game looks promising. Tanks and VR go together like pumpkin spice and complaining about first world problems, mix that with a unique art style and constantly changing game terrain, this could be a fun title on PlayStation VR.

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