New Details Emerge For Spider-Man PlayStation 4

New Details Emerge For Spider-Man PlayStation 4 1

Sony’s E3 2017 Press Conference ended with an extended look at Insomniac’ Games upcoming Spider-Man title for the PlayStation 4. Although the trailer finally gave players a glimpse of the game in action, it was still primarily set in a closed off section of the game, withholding fans from many details beyond the scope of combat and some of the big set pieces that the game will feature. Recently, however, some substantial new information for the upcoming superhero title became available to the public, collaborated from various news outlets.

Arguably, the biggest piece of new information in regards to the title is that the game’s world is said to be 4-6 times larger than that of Insomniac Games’ last title, Sunset Overdrive, which was an Xbox One exclusive. The news of a large game world also comes with the confirmation that the game will indeed be mostly open-world, with specific scenes that take place in more linear environments. Fans of some of the PlayStation 2 era Spider-Man games should be pleased. In addition, it was confirmed that the title will be single-player only and will focus on segments in which players not only play as the titular Spider-Man but also engage in the everyday life activities of the 23-year-old, Peter Parker. It was also reported that the Spider-Man of the upcoming title has already been established as the iconic web-swinger for about eight years, however, this does not mean that Spider-Man will be steadfast and ready at all times, and at will still have moments of self-doubt, struggling with his confidence as a superhero.

Eagle-eyed viewers of the latest trailer for the game were sure to notice at the end, a cameo by Miles Morales, a character that assumes the role of Spider-Man in some of the newer incarnations of the Marvel comics.  Insomniac has assured that his inclusion in the upcoming game will be more than just a nod to fans of the franchise and that Mile’s character will play a major role in the game. The games company has stated that they are working closely with Marvel while trying to shed some light on some of the lesser known or more obscure characters within the massive Spider-Man universe.  Speaking of characters, the trailer that dropped during Sony’s E3 2017 show only showed off Kingpin and Mr. Negative, however, it has been confirmed that the full game will have a few more villains from the series in addition to the two aforementioned characters.

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Like all good superheroes, who follow the dogma of sparing one’s adversaries from death, the latest Spider-Man game will follow the ideology, in that players will not be able to actually kill any of their enemies and instead incapacitate them via the wonderful spider abilities at the disposable of the player. Finally, fans that may have been wondering why Spider-Man’s emblem or crest on his costume was white, can now rest assured knowing that it will be addressed in the game and that it goes beyond just being an aesthetic refresh.

Spider-Man will be an exclusive title for the Sony PlayStation 4, it is currently slated for a 2018 release.

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