A New Kirby Announced…But Do We Want It?

| Oct 1, 2013
A New Kirby Announced...But Do We Want It? 1

Nintendo announced an upcoming Kirby title for the 3DS during the Nintendo Direct presentation today.

The trailer shows the classic Kirby side-scrolling action which involves sucking in enemies and using their powers to progress through the level.

And that’s just it.

There seems to be little to draw players in. And it’s surprising with the last few Kirby releases, which have featured clever and interesting concepts. Kirby: Mass Attack and Kirby’s Epic Yarn both tossed out traditional Kirby gameplay and replaced it with a unique flair.

This teaser trailer is very similar to Nightmare in Dreamland and and The Amazing Mirror. At this point, the community should expect more innovation and flair from Nintendo; a company that is struggling to sell its newest home console.

The title comes alongside other updates shown during the Nintendo Direct presentation. You can watch the new trailer for Kirby here.

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