Next-gen consoles will be compatible with each other

| September 20, 2013
Next-gen consoles will be compatible with each other

Good news for consumers, it’s been confirmed that users will be able to stream their PlayStation 4 into the Xbox One.

Following Sony’s announcement yesterday, which confirmed their decision to reverse policies  in order to allow any external device taking its HDMI feed to stream or record it, Microsoft confirmed their half of the functionality today at the Tokyo Game Show.

During their presentation Albert Panello, senior director of product management, said the Xbox One will be able to take any video feed coming in from the HDMI in port and stream it through the console.

It’s refreshing to hear that despite the fact that the two consoles are going head to head, a sense of unity does exist between them. Fans of both consoles will now have an ideal scenario when it comes to uniting systems in one core media centre.


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