Next Generation Razer Blade Unveiled at GDC

Next Generation Razer Blade Unveiled at GDC

Razer has made a name for high-quality gaming hardware. From their mice to keyboards, they are devises gamers worldwide rely on for quality and design. This is never more true than the Razer Blade series of Laptop computers. Not only are they small, light and solidly build, but they have a level of power that is unbelievable for a computer it’s size. Today Razer Announces the new Blade, and it is even more impressive than past iterations. 

Razer has been slowly improving the Blade line since it’s inception. Improving the power, and performance, while maintaining the desirable form factor, this iteration is no different. Boasting a 6th generation Intel Core i7 and a GTX 970M with 6Gb VRAM, this is a laptop that was built for gaming. Packing a PCIe SSD standard, Killer Wireless-AC, and 16Gb DDR4, this is a laptop built to push as many polygons as possible on the screen. If you want to take VR on the go, this could be your answer.

Sticking with the 3200×1800 QHD+ display, the laptop remains the .70 inch think body now with a weight of only 4.25 lbs. With all this packed into an Aircraft grade aluminum body, it is a laptop built to last.

The Razer Blade also carries forward the Blade Stealth Ultrabook trend of RGB backlit keys. Making this the second in the lineup to allow for Chroma technology on the go. With this technology, it gives the end user millions of color options for the end user to play with and enjoy. All settings can be played within the Razer’s Synapse software, allowing an easy to use interface to make the laptop their own.

Next Generation Razer Blade Unveiled At Gdc 1

Following the trend set by the Blade Stealth, the new Razer Blade will employ a direct to consumer pricing model to keep costs low. Where last years QHD+ model of the blade cost  $2,399, this year’s model will only cost $1,999 for a similar entry point. Making it a much better value for power ratio for the buyer.

In a statement Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO said “We are getting much more aggressive as far as price point, but that hasn’t come at a cost to the performance or design of the Razer Blade. We’ve improved nearly every aspect of the 14-inch laptop, from CPU and GPU performance to system memory and port selection. Chroma technology unlocks an unprecedented, immersive experience on a gaming laptop.”

The fun does not stop there, though, this new Blade will also be compatible with the Razer Core external graphics enclosure. Utilizing Thunderbolt 3 the Razer Core will give gamers access to desktop level graphics while at their desk while also giving expanded connectivity such as USB 3.0 and Ethernet.

All in all, this is one of the most exciting iterations of the Blade we have seen in a while. It not only improves on the product line but seems to give users everything they could want out of a portable gaming laptop. With VR compatibility becoming the new baseline for a gaming PC, Razer has not only met the challenge but surpassed it. We will have a full report on the Razer Blade when we have more hands-on with the unit.

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