Nintendo Bests Sony On The Tokyo Stock Exchange

| Jun 23, 2017
Nintendo Bests Sony On The Tokyo Stock Exchange 1

The latest report from the Tokyo Stock Exchange highlighted some interesting information in regards to Nintendo stock. The games company has hit a market cap ¥5.45T or 49 billion dollars, interestingly Nintendo has taken a lead in arguably their biggest competition, Sony Corp which came in at a market cap of ¥5.40T or $48.5 billion as of June 23, 2017.

Although the disparity between the two companies is not massive, Nintendo is primarily a games company where as Sony Corp offers a multitude of products and services, ranging from HD Televisions, Computers and of course video games, which should equate to a larger margin of revenue for Sony. Edging out over Sony Corp is impressive, however, earlier in June of 2017, Nintendo had hit ¥5T or $45.2 billion Market Cap, which marked the first time the games company had done so within that span of time.

Nintendo stock is now listed on the top 15 companies listed by Market Cap on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, further ahead than even the likes of Nissan Motors and Mizuho Financial Group. The last time Nintendo stock had surpassed Sony, it only lasts for one day and was attributed to the launch of Pokémon Go, the once ultra-popular mobile augmented reality-based title.  The highest Nintendo stock has ever been was in 2007, in which the Market Cap for the purveyor of fun reached an astronomical 10 trillion yen to eventually settle down to a still impressive 1 trillion yen, all of which can be attributed to the launch success of the Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo Bests Sony On The Tokyo Stock Exchange

In contrast to giants such as Apple, both Sony and Nintendo stock are rather meagre in comparison, with Apple’s Market Cap nearing a staggering $800 billion. The current success and rejuvenation for Nintendo may be attributed to the success they have had with their recently released Nintendo Switch console, which as of the time of this report has sold over 1.2 million units. Additionally, the recently launched arena fighting game ARMS for the Nintendo Switch has already eclipsed the sales figures of both Tekken 7 and Street Fighter 5 launches. With ARMS selling 100,652 units in comparison to Tekken 7’s lifetime sales of 76,603 and Street Fighter 5’s first-week sales figure of 46,836 units.

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