Phil Spencer Teases Japanese Game Fans On Twitter

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There was a time when JRPGs and Japanese games, in general, were thriving on the Xbox platform and according to a new conversation on Twitter between Executive Vice President Phil Spencer and twitter user SUPERSONICWOLF, they might be coming back just in time for E3 2018.

Spencer added further hype for fans of Japanese developed titles going on to talk about SEGA franchises possibly coming to the platform when asked about the Yakuza franchise in particular, which currently happens to be in a bit of a renaissance with new titles being pumped out consistently over on Sony’s PlayStation 4.

The tweet that started all the pre-E3 speculation has been attached below for your viewing pleasure.

Some of the bigger Japanese made games that have hit Microsoft’s consoles in the past include titles such as Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive the original Xbox, with Xbox 360 getting some RPG love with games like Lost Odyssey and even an exclusive Tales of game in the form of Tales of Vesperia.

It should be noted that most of the aforementioned titles have since their initial release has come to other platforms, sans Lost Odyssey, making it one of the best exclusive JRPGs to ever grace the Xbox 360 and Xbox One thanks to backward compatibility.

With games like Scalebound canceled, Microsoft has it only in their best interest in reigniting their strong connection with the East, like it once did with both the first Xbox and the Xbox 360.

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