PokéZine 4 Kickstarter Nearing Completion, Pokémon TCG Inspired Art

PokéZine 4 Kickstarter Nearing Completion, Pokémon TCG Inspired Art 2

Fans of Pokémon are encouraged to check out the PokéZine 4 Kickstarter that is about to finish up on the popular crowdfunding website.

Those unfamiliar with the project, PokéZine 4 is the latest instalment in a series of Pokémon inspired illustrations done by talented artists who all happen to love and have nostalgia for the Pokémon series.

Talking specifics, the PokéZine 4 collects 36 original pieces inspired by the original Pokémon Trading Card Game and packages them together in one nostalgia-fueled zine.

Previous versions of the PokéZine included the Ghost PokéZine in 2012, followed by the Ice PokéZine in 2013 and finally the Glitch PokéZine in 2014. With a little over 60 hours left to go in the campaign, readers are encouraged to check out the official PokéZine 4 Kickstarter page. Those curious about the specific artists involved in the project can view the full list of contributors below:

Afonso Ferreira
Ana Benaroya
Andrew Noël
Anna Rose
Camryn Adjodha
Chris Passabet
Daniel Guerrero Fernández
Grace Danico
Ian Andersen
Jake Lawrence
Jenn Liv
Jenn Woodall
Jenny Zych
Jimmy Giegerich
Justin Wallis (MILKBBI)
Kelly Kwang
Kelsey Wroten
Kevin Stanton
Lauren Sassen
Leigh Davis
Lottie Pencheon
Matthew Kenyon
Megan Brennan
Miranda Harmon
Opal Pence
Rachel Simone Weil
Sabrina Elliott
Tara Helfer
Zipeng Zhu

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