Queen Elizabeth’s 24 Karat Gold Wii Is Up For Sale

| Apr 28, 2021
Queen Elizabeth's 24 Karat Gold Wii Is Up For Sale 1

This custom made Solid Gold Wii was originally intended for Queen Elizabeth II, though now it has found its way onto eBay and could potentially be yours, if you can spare $300,000.

Originally reported by The Gamer, this story is a bit of an odd one. Before THQ fell into bankruptcy and rose again through Embracer Group, THQ was a very large publisher in its own right, though some of its marketing decisions—at least in this case—could put things into perspective as to why the company failed in the first place.

In order to promote their upcoming Big Family Games release back in 2009, THQ commissioned the building of a solid gold Nintendo Wii system, with plans to then send said system to the Queen thanks to a bit of news the year prior which suggested that the Queen, like any reasonable person her age, enjoys a few rounds of Wii Bowling from time to time.

Queen Elizabeth'S 24 Karat Gold Wii Is Up For Sale
This photo is taken from the listing on eBay.

This quite shiny console never did make it to the Queen sadly, due to the immense level of security a gift like this would have to pass through. After THQ went bankrupt, a collector known as Donny from Console Variations was able to purchase the console in 2017 and has kept it hush until YouTube channel: People Make Games tracked him down in 2019 to discuss what had become of the fabled gold Wii.

If you for whatever reason are in the market for a solid gold Wii, Donny is ready to part with the console for a measly $300,000. “It is still in working condition” according to Donny via the eBay listing, and at that price its at least good to hear—just make sure to wear the wrist strap to avoid any damage to your shiny new video game console mortgage.

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