Rockstar Launches GTA V Spoof Site

| Sep 12, 2013
Rockstar Launches GTA V Spoof Site

This morning Rockstar launched a website for Grand Theft Auto V, entitled Lifeinvader.

The site is a parody of Facebook, with taglines like “amplify your personality” and “make friends with strangers”. It also has replaced Facebook’s trademark “Add Friend” button with a “Stalk” button.

The website also shows off different profiles and fan pages of fictional companies and people. One fictional character named Alan McClean, shows off his personal relationship status which is set as “Visitation Rights.”

Another profile of a soft drink called Sprunk, says in its description “bursting with 800 calories of glucose, fructose, guarana, caffeine, pesticides, benzene and just enough chemicals for you to forget the pain- nothing beats a belly full of bubbly Sprunk.”

 This sort of action comes as no surprise from Rockstar, as GTA is well known for parodying American culture.

GTA V is set to hit stores on September 17th.

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