Sega Unveils Sonic Mania Vinyl with Data Discs

Sega Unveils Sonic Mania Vinyl with Data Discs 1

In honour of Sonic The Hedgehog’s 26th birthday and the upcoming release of Sonic Mania, Sega is celebrating the blue blur by releasing an exclusive Sonic Mania Vinyl Album.

The new Sonic Mania-themed Vinyl will be in partnership with Data Discs, the group responsible for previously well received Sega themed Vinyl based on properties like Streets of Rage, Shinobi and Outrun. The Sonic Mania Vinyl will feature select tracks by Sonic Mania composer Tee Lopes, in addition to an exclusive new gatefold art featuring the titular blue hedgehog alongside his friends, Tails and Knuckles, exploring the lush, emerald green vistas of the iconic “Green Hill Zone.” The Sonic Mania Vinyl will be available in three varieties, Sonic Blue, Classic Black and a Limited Edition version. Fans itching to get their hands on the Vinyl can look forward in pre-ordering the albums sometime in late July at the Data Discs website.

Sega Partners Up With Data Discs To Bring Sonic Mania Vinyl 3

Sonic Mania has recently been nominated for various Best of E3 Awards in addition to the already positive press the upcoming title has garnered since it was unveiled last July during the Sonic The Hedgehog event at the San Diego Comic-con. The upcoming title harkens back to the days of 16-bit gaming and pays homage to the Genesis and Mega Drive, Sonic The Hedgehog titles. Sonic Mania has lead programmer Christian Whitehead, who had previously worked on ports of Sonic CD for Android and iOS devices. Sega also announced a special edition for Sonic Mania that comes with a Sonic statue, standing on a model of a first generation SEGA Genesis/SEGA Mega Drive, with a download voucher included for a copy of the game. Sonic Mania releases on Aug. 15, 2017, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Fans can pre-order the title from the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Marketplace, the Nintendo eShop and Steam’s digital storefront on PC.

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