Stonefly Officially Launches This June

Stonefly Officially Launches This June 1

Stonefly from developer Flight School Studios has just received an official launch date for June 1, 2021.

The chill action adventure game will launch on all consoles and PC simultaneously in less than a month, and to celebrate the upcoming release, the developers have started releasing what will be a series of short gameplay clips further delving into the game and its mechanics. You can watch the video here:

YouTube video

The first snapshot released focuses slightly more on the action element of Stonefly, as we see a short breakdown of the kinds of combos and strategies players will be able to employ in combat. This clip is a short yet meaningful snippet of the combat mechanics, more so because of the potential complexity that could be involved deep into the game.

Stonefly comes from the same developers behind the critically acclaimed title Creature in the Well, and marks the second major release for Flight School Studios who have once again joined up with publisher MWM Interactive. Stonefly is an action adventure game, though it looks to be leaning more towards the adventure aspect then the action. You’ll follow the story of Annika Stonefly, as you take your mech through a rich and enchanting forest in search of a lost family heirloom.

In a press release regarding the launch, Bohdon Sayre, Game Director at Flight School Studios said “Our small team set out to create something visually unique and mechanically original with Stonefly and we think players are going to love following Annika’s journey and gliding around the world we created. We always challenge ourselves to put stakes in the ground outside the norm, and MWM Interactive have been a great partner to allow us the creative freedom to take risks and explore new territory.”

It was Creature in the Well‘s mixture of genre and mechanics that gave it the originality fans and critics alike adored, which makes Stonefly‘s launch especially exciting to see what the potential potion of mechanics and story will be.

Stonefly is our most ambitious project, different than anything we’ve made before, and a game that we are really proud of” – Bohdon Sayre, Game Director @ Flight School Studios.

Stonefly will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam and the Epic Game Store on June 1, 2021.

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