Superdata Reveals Video Game Industry Growth in April

| May 25, 2017
Superdata Reveals Video Game Industry Growth in April 1

Industry tracker Superdata released their latest report showing a growth in the video games industry.

In the report titled Worldwide Digital Games Market: April 2017, Superdata relieved the digital video game market grew nine per cent year-over-year in April, bringing that number to $7.7 billion. The mobile market grew eight per cent year-over-year, and the free-to-play MMO market grew 27 per cent year over year.

Though those numbers are rather impressive, Superdata notes that growth comes in contrast with declines in social, premium PC, console, and pay-to-play markets, though the growth in the free-to-play MMO and mobile markets offset that decline. In with that decline is the U.S digital market, as the revenue in that sector is down compared to March 2017, even still, revenue is up from April 2016.

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League of Legends continues to stay atop the top grossing titles on PC, but PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds sits at number seven with an estimated $34 million in gross digital revenue in April. On console, however, EA took the first two spots with FIFA 17 and Battlefield 1. Grand Theft Auto V is still staying strong sitting at number three, with Superdata attributing that to the Tiny Racers DLC.

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