UPDATE: Daily Star Recording Reveals Michael Pachter Quote is Accurate

| Sep 22, 2016
UPDATE: Daily Star Recording Reveals Michael Pachter Quote is Accurate 1

We reported on a discrepancy between video game industry analyst Michael Pachter and the Daily Star over the attribution of a quote in which he compared PC users to racists on Sept 21, 2016. Pachter, who posted on a NeoGAF thread about the report, claimed his words were taken out of context. But according to the audio recording of the interview posted onto the Daily Star, that allegation is incorrect.

“Since publishing our interview with Michael Pachter yesterday it has been suggested that quotes have been fabricated or taken out of context,” the Daily Star said. “In response we have decided to publish this section of our Michael Pachter interview which can be listened to above.” The excerpt features reporter James Wright’s “initial question and what Michael Pachter told us when we asked him whether PC gamers might be more inclined to adopt PS4 Pro.”

The audio excerpt, which features a pleasant conversation between Wright and Pachter over the PlayStation 4 Pro, aligns perfectly with the quote that Wright sourced in the original article. Despite his claim in the NeoGAF thread that he had “never used the word ‘twit'” in his lifetime, the interview segment shows that Pachter did, in fact, call PC users “arrogant twits.”

CGMagazine reached out to Pachter for comment earlier today. When reached, he responded “I’m over it.”

Although he is cited as a lead industry analyst over the past several years, Pachter has traditionally come under fire for his controversial analysis on the video game market.

We interviewed Michael Pachter in 2010 about his experience in the industry. In the interview, he discussed his relationship with the media, and why he is often cited as a professional source within the video game industry.

“It’s hard to say why the media finds what I say provocative enough to print.  I’ve always said the same types of things, have always been accessible, and have always published as often as I do now” he told CGMagazine. “I suppose that the media comes back over and over because I’m responsive to requests, am quotable, and am right often enough for them to avoid embarrassment.”

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