Terrible Warriors Podcast: Session Zero – MÖRK BORG

| Jan 5, 2021
Terrible Warriors Podcast: Session Zero – MÖRK BORG

“Life Locked and Failing in a DARK FORT”

We crash back into another Session Zero flailing for our lives in the madness of MÖRK BORG.

“Name Your Character If You Wish. It Will Not Save You”

MÖRK BORG dominated at the 2020 Ennies winning awards in Product of the Year, Best Writing, and Best Layout and Design, along with walking away with silver in Best Game. And once you hold the book in your hand you know exactly why it won in all those categories. MÖRK BORG screams off of every page and draws you into the pitch-black heavy metal world of the apocalypse where your characters’ lives are fleeting and pointless and the stakes are so high no one will triumph for long.

Rather than make a single character each, Justin and Jo made three characters. You see, in MÖRK BORG your characters might not last very long so it’s a good thing that character creation takes literally seconds to complete. Four dice rolls and a very lean equipment management system and you’re back in the game. You can mourn the loss of your previous character later. In MÖRK BORG, the story is told by the setting and collective experience of the players, and interestingly not entirely but the individual characters you play.

We had a LOT of fun delving into this session and of all the games we’ve looked into during our Sessions Zero this is the first where we didn’t want to stop and just keep going right into the game itself

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Free League Publishing for sending us a copy of MÖRK BORG to try out and you can get your own copy now at MorkBorg.com or on Drive Thru RPG

Today’s Terrible Warriors were Justin Ecock and Jo Drummond
Music is licensed through Epidemic Sound

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