Sausage Bomber (PC) Review

Sausage Bomber (PC) Review 6
| Jul 30, 2018

When it comes to unleashing hell on your ‘wurst’ enemy, Sausage Bomber does it with hilarity in the form of physics, chain reactions, and a bunch of different hot dogs.

Players start off the game with simple Standard Issue Dogs, but later gets to drop some Kielbasa, and even Scottish Haggis from their plane.

From Kelishtoma to Krautsbourg to the Ketchup Isles, past Fredon, and to Dijon Terre, players earn bronze, silver, or gold medals based on their score reflected by how many sausages they had to drop and the number of explosive ricochets they create.

Sausage Bomber (Pc) Review
Sausage Bomber – Review Image Provided by Katsu Entertainment

When navigating the map itself, players get to see what type of medal they won, letting them play a level again to beat their previous score.

The visual design of the game fits with the genre – it’s cartoon-ish, colourful, and simple. The extra detail of cows in the background and enemies running out of their tanks after the vehicles meet their doom to a mere sausage makes the game light-hearted, which helps keep its artistic style.

As for the background music, it is on a steady loop while each level is played and when players are browsing the map. Muted sounds of explosions sound like they are far away when the game is put on pause.

The gameplay involves dropping sausages from a plane to set off chain reactions, which makes it hilarious whenever a sausage misses its target or even hits steel obstacle that doesn’t explode. It would simply land there as the camera zooms in on it, letting players reflect on their shame before the game gives them another shot.

Sausage Bomber (Pc) Review 1
Sausage Bomber – Review Image Provided by Katsu Entertainment

As the player go through the islands and earn stars as level completion rewards, they also get the option to purchase their planes with the stars to rain death from above. If players are stuck on a level, they can also get an Atomic Sausage, which can annihilate everything.

The combinations within the game are highlighted as all the explosive action happens. If players manage to get a ricochets effect, Sausage Bomber will indicate it right away with bubbly text and add to the score. This is only emphasized when each effective explosion grants points to the player, making the game engaging and enjoyable.

Sausage Bomber appears to be a game made for mobile, especially with the starting screen asking the player to ‘tap’ to continue. However, it plays on the PC just as well, and the different platform does not affect the quality of the gameplay.

Sausage Bomber (Pc) Review 3
Sausage Bomber – Review Image Provided by Katsu Entertainment

At the end of the day, Sausage Bomber is a light-hearted, addictive, and hilarious game where players get to ‘relish’ in dropping a bunch of sausage on their foes.

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Sausage Bomber (PC) Review 5
Developer: Katsu Entertainment Publisher: Katsu Entertainment Played On: PC Platform(s): Android , PC (Microsoft Windows) , iOS ESRB Rating: NA MSRP: N/A
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