Logitech G305 (Hardware) Review

Logitech G305 (Hardware) Review 3
Logitech G305
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My first experience with the Logitech G305 came at a recreational Overwatch game.  I was talking to my teammates about the gear they were using and two of them just so happened to be raving about the mouse. A week later I was able to get my hands on a review copy and it turns out that my teammates were onto something, because this is probably the best budget mouse on the market.

As someone who exclusively has used wired mouses in my gaming life, I was a bit hesitant making the switch to the G305. Bad memories of wireless mouses from the early 2000s were probably to blame for the skepticism but thankfully it ended up being unwarranted. The G305 uses a Hero High-Efficiency Optical sensor that maxes out at 12,000 DPI and works fantastically. It feels faster and more precise than most wired gaming mouses that I have used, and not having to worry about any wires is a real blessing.

Visually, the G305 comes in two models, a white one and a black one. One of the best small touches on the G305 is that there is a light up sensor on the mouse that correlates to a sensitivity rating. On most mouses, it’s impossible to tell what setting you have it under without checking another app, and having this visual barometer is a useful touch. Setup is a breeze, and the mouse doesn’t require any drivers to sync up. You can install them if you want a more customizable gaming experience and there are a number of cool options to tinker with if you choose to.

Logitech G305 (Hardware) Review 2
Logitech G305

Battery life is a very important factor for wireless mouses because you don’t want them cutting out midway through your game. Thankfully, with the G305 you can get over 200 hours of use on one AA battery, which is pretty astounding. What’s even more astounding is that the G305 only costs $69.99 CDN. That price point makes it one of the most affordable mouses on the market and it one-ups practically all competitors at its price point and beyond.

It’s no secret that Logitech produces some of the best mouses on the market. What is surprising is that they have managed to distill the quality and style of their more expensive models into the G305. The most impressive thing about the G305 is that it isn’t simply an entry-level device, that is cheap but sacrifices performance. This is a fantastic piece of tech made more affordable and a true testament to how far wireless mouses have come. It’s not only one of the best budget mouse on the market, but it’s also one of the best at any price point.

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