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Captain Marvel Review 1

Captain Marvel Review

Captain Marvel has been a film I have been looking forward to for years. Ever since it was first announced that Carol Danvers would be

Christopher Robin (Movie) Review 1

Christopher Robin (Movie) Review

I grew up on Disney. From the live action to the animated, I used to love all the movies Disney released to screens, home video,

Avengers: Infinity War (Movie) Review 6

Avengers: Infinity War (Movie) Review

After the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel Studios moved into Phase Three of their ever-expanding cinematic universe, fragmenting the relationships between Earth’s mightiest

There's No Long-Term Vision For Star Wars

There’s No Long-Term Vision For Star Wars

Lucasfilm and Disney never had a long-term plan with the Star Wars sequel trilogy, and they still don’t. With all the controversy surrounding the latest

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