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NHL 19 (PS4) Review

NHL 19 (PS4) Review

Every year when EA Sports releases their newest installment in the long-running NHL series, they never cease to amaze in how they work to make

FIFA 18 (PlayStation 4) Review 6

FIFA 18 (PlayStation 4) Review

Every year, as the newest editions of sports franchises come out, I wonder what each developer could possibly add to an existing game to justify

Producer’s Corner with Sean Ramjagsingh 4

Producer’s Corner with Sean Ramjagsingh

Benjamin Franklin once said, “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” However, if ol’ Benji was around today

FIFA 17 (PS4) Review

FIFA 17 (PS4) Review

With each passing year, it seems that sports games are under increasing scrutiny to justify the purchase of a new, updated version to replace the

NHL 17 (Xbox One) Review 6

NHL 17 (Xbox One) Review

I grew up watching hockey, and the earliest NHL game I remember playing was ’96, back when Peter Bondra and Dale Hunter tore up the

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