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EA Play 2016 Wrap Up

EA Play 2016 Wrap Up

EA kicked off the annual E3 hype train this year with a slew of announcements, confirmations, and teases. Here are the high points from today’s

EA Sports UFC 2 (Xbox One) Review 6

EA Sports UFC 2 (Xbox One) Review

First things first, if you don’t like the trend of retail priced video games having microtransactions in them (that should be all of you), don’t

NBA Live 16 (PS4) Review 5

NBA Live 16 (PS4) Review

I’ve never been a big sports guy. I know that’s probably assumed from a guy who’s trying to make a living writing video game reviews,

NHL 16 (PS4) Review 4

NHL 16 (PS4) Review

NHL 16 represents a return to form for EA Sports, as last year’s release for the PS4 was met with harsh criticism as many online

FIFA 15 (PS4) Review 2

FIFA 15 (PS4) Review

FIFA returns for another season this year, boasting one of its best iterations in the series to date. I’ve enjoyed playing prior releases in the

NHL 15 (PS4) Review 5

NHL 15 (PS4) Review

NHL 15, as a game and a concept, is something that most gamers will understand. NHL 15 is basically a collection of modes that lets

EA Sports UFC (PS4) Review 1

EA Sports UFC (PS4) Review

The first thing you’ll notice is that EA Sports UFC uses the same tile based menu system that all other EA Sports games and Windows

EA's 2014 E3 Conference Recap

EA’s 2014 E3 Conference Recap

It is still not even the first official day of E3 and the second conference has concluded. Here’s what happened at EA’s conference. -A developer diary

Madden NFL 25 (PS3) Review 2

Madden NFL 25 (PS3) Review

Madden 25 marks 25 years of people throwing around virtual pig-skins and, from the loading screens between gameplay, you can tell that the development staff

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