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Rooster Teeth Dismisses Two Hosts Following Photo Scandal 2

Rooster Teeth Dismisses Two Hosts Following Photo Scandal

 |  Clement Goh
Popular gaming network Rooster Teeth has let go of its hosts Ryan Haywood and Adam Kovic, known for their Achievement Hunter and Funhaus videos. This comes shortly after numerous sexually-explicit photos of Haywood and Kovic circulated across different discussion forums last week. Tessa Graves, the recipient of Haywood’s pictures also came forward to reveal her […]
Bendy And The Ink Machine Xbox One Review

Bendy and the Ink Machine Xbox One Review

 |  Brendan Quinn
I imagine one could easily recreate Bendy and the Ink Machine in real life, simply by dropping slightly too much acid and wandering around Disneyland.
Rooster Teeth Launches Video Game Division

Rooster Teeth Launches Video game Division

 |  Helena Shlapak
Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC (the company behind RWBY and Red vs. Blue) officially announced that they are launching a game publishing division, Rooster Teeth Games. The U.S-based company (more commonly known as Rooster Teeth) made the announcement on Jan. 25, 2017 via Twitter while also announcing the launch of their newest game, Battlesloths 2025: The […]
Rwby: Grimm Eclipse Adds 2 New Levels, Price Change

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Adds 2 New Levels, Price Change

 |  Shakyl Lambert
Rooster Teeth Games is releasing a new content update to RWBY: Grimm Eclipse. The update features 2 brand new levels in a new location, Forever Fall. The levels also contain a variety of new enemies. In addition, the game is getting a price increase, now going for $19.99 on Steam. Those who have already purchased […]
Monty Oum Passed Away At Age 33 1

Monty Oum Passed Away at Age 33

 |  Kate Richards
Popular web-based animator Monty Oum passed away Feb. 1 at age 33, after suffering a severe allergic reaction during a medical procedure that left him in a coma. Working in animation since the early 2000s, Oum became well known for his work with Rooster Teeth productions, especially on the Red vs. Blue and RWBY series. […]
Watch This Guy Play Real Life Pac-Man - 2014-05-15 16:13:00

Watch this Guy Play Real Life Pac-Man

 |  Cody Orme
Well, it’s a bit of a slow news day, but we found this. Rooster Teeth are at it again with their Immersion series, and this time they tried real life Pac-Man. Here the player is given goggles that give him an overhead view of the maze. The rest is, well, Pac-Man. [youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/0z4HwfsFzo8″ width=”1060″ height=”940″]Hatsune […]

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