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Click Em', Sock Em': Exploring Volta-X'S Inner Mecha Combat Workings 12

Click Em’, Sock Em’: Exploring Volta-X’s Inner Mecha Combat Workings

 |  Clement Goh
Volta-X only takes a computer mouse, fox, monkey and elephant to play with in GungHo Entertainment’s latest online robot fighting strategy game. Every click is mapped differently for a player’s mech, which is armed to the teeth for precise battles. In our recent preview of the game, we found that Volta-X had flipped the genre […]
Bannermen Pc Review 1

Bannermen PC Review

 |  Lane Martin
Standard can be a funny word sometimes. Something can be the standard by which we hold other things up to and judge them by, or something can be standard, a run of the mill affair that we’ve seen before and won’t shatter any preconceived notions we bring to it. The former defines us and our […]
Total War: Warhammer 2 (Pc) Review- Miniatures Come To Life 2

Total War: Warhammer 2 (PC) Review- Miniatures Come to Life

 |  Cole Watson
As the gates to the Old World temporarily close, players embark on a new campaign of conquest and power in the second entry of Creative Assembly’s planned trilogy, Total War: Warhammer 2. Speaking as a player of the Fantasy Miniatures game it was a treat to see the units on the tabletop come to life […]
Forts Review - A Fun 2D Rts

Forts Review – A Fun 2D RTS

 |  Lane Martin
The nature of war is a hotly contested within the gaming space.
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War Iii Teases Playable Eldar Race

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III Teases Playable Eldar Race

 |  Lane Martin
Citizens of the Imperium of Man will be delighted today as details have come to light regarding the loathsome Eldar playable faction in Relic Entertainment’s upcoming Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III. These vile creatures join the power armor clad Space Marines and the vicious Orks in the struggle to obtain a terrible weapon from the […]
Reviving A Classic With Sudden Strike 4 2

Reviving a Classic with Sudden Strike 4

 |  Cody Orme
When Kalypso Media announced the return of the classic military RTS franchise Sudden Strike with a whole new entry, I was shocked. Considering the series went dormant for over half a decade, there was also a bit of scepticism mixed with my excitement. Sudden Strike is known as a trailblazer in the genre, so there […]
Dropzone Preview: A New Rts From Sparkypants Enters The Frey 7

Dropzone Preview: A New RTS From Sparkypants Enters the Fray

 |  Brendan Frye
With the MOBA genre now being one of the dominant forces in gaming today, it was only a matter of time before studios began the attempt to innovate on the formula. Sparkypants Studio has done just that: they have taken the RTS formula, mixed it with that of MOBAs and created something truly unique by […]
8-Bit Armies (Pc) Review 8

8-Bit Armies (PC) Review

 |  Ryan Burden
People often say the most beautiful things in life are the simple things. From minimalistic graphics to simple, straightforward gameplay, people find simplistic games artful and refreshing. If 8-Bit Armies’ beauty lies in its simplicity, this game is a supermodel.
Battle Worlds: Kronos (Pc) Review

Battle Worlds: Kronos (PS4) Review

 |  Chris Carter
I can’t quite remember what the first major strategy game I ever played was. Perhaps it was Command & Conquer, or the original Warcraft. Or maybe, if we’re counting some of the lesser known Sim games like SimAnt, that would apply. Either way, I was introduced to the genre at a young age, and even […]
Ashes Of The Singularity (Game) Review 8

Ashes of the Singularity (Game) Review

 |  Cole Watson
Ashes of the Singularity is an RTS, developed by Stardock Entertainment, for people who seek to command massive armies and obliterate everything in sight with powerful weapons. It is a heavy dose of nostalgia for those who want to relive the glory days of games like Total Annihilation and Dark Reign. The noticeable boost in graphics […]

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