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The Twilight Children #1 (Comic) Review 3

The Twilight Children #1 (Comic) Review

 |  Brendan Frye
Vertigo is currently in the midst of launching several new series, with a new #1 issue releasing every week in the closing months of 2015. The publisher has courted a number of high-profile creators for this resurgence of books, from novelist Holly Black to Supernatural creator Eric Kripke. Their creator lineup also includes writer Gilbert […]
Y: The Last Man Finds Company In New Fx Adaptation

Y: The Last Man Finds Company In New FX Adaptation

 |  Jordan Biordi
FX has recently announced bringing the beloved comic Y: The Last Man to television.
Dc Comics On Tv - 2014-11-28 18:57:21

DC Comics on TV

 |  Doug Mercer
The slate of DC properties that have made their small screen debuts has grown this season from the solitary Arrow to now include The Flash, Gotham and Constantine. DC has notoriously had problems with big screen adaptations, so how do their serialized adventures stack up? Arrow is the wily veteran of the group as it […]
First Trailer For Nbc'S New Constantine Series Revealed 2

First Trailer for NBC’s New Constantine Series Revealed

 |  Tyler Reynolds
Yesterday, NBC released the first trailer and footage of their new television series Constantine. The series is based off of the Hellblazer comics which were first published by DC Comics, before being moved to its subsidiary Vertigo Comics in 1993. Most people who don’t read comics will recognize the name Constantine from the 2005 movie […]
The Invisibles: Book One: Deluxe Edition (Comic) Review 3

The Invisibles: Book One: Deluxe Edition (Comic) Review

 |  Phil Brown
As those who have read my articles on his Batman run may have noticed, I’m a wee bit obsessed with Scottish comic book writer and wacko thinker Grant Morrison. Throughout his career, he has deconstructed, revitalized and challenged the definition of superheroes and the comic book form. However, despite my insatiable appetite for all things […]
Preacher Comic Series Turning Into Tv Show 1

Preacher comic series turning into TV show

 |  Alex Coop
Fans of the bloody comic book series Preacher will be happy to know a pilot based on the series is being filmed for AMC. Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen – who worked on This is the End together – will work alongside Breaking Bad’s Sam Catlin to adapt Vertigo’s acclaimed series, which ran from 1995 to […]
Fables Ending With Issue #150 1

Fables ending with issue #150

 |  Alex Coop
The end can be seen. The long-running Vertigo series known as Fables will come to a close with issue #150, which will likely arrive early 2015. Writer Bill Willingham made the announcement on Friday through his personal website, adding he will partially retire from the comic book work “Retirement in the storytelling trade means, still […]
New Sandman Comic Arrives After 25 Year Hiatus 1

New Sandman Comic Arrives After 25 Year Hiatus

 |  Wayne Santos
It’s official. After a whopping 25 year absence, comic fans are able to go to their favourite comic store TODAY and get a brand new Sandman comic. The Sandman: Overture #1 is now available to the public. For those that haven’t been following this new, six issue, bi-monthly series is being written by series creator Neil […]
Django Unchained #1 Review 1

Django Unchained #1 Review

 |  Nicole Rodrigues
Movie tie in comic books or video games are known to be cash grabs with a flimsy premise and little thought put into them. I generally overlook them because of this and didn’t really intend on picking up Django Unchained yet somehow found myself flipping through it. I’ve not seen the film so I went […]

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