Microsoft Solitaire Turns 30 – Still Going Strong!

The Microsoft Teams App Will Soon Feature Solitaire

If you are a card lover and have used Windows 7.0 on your PC, chances are you know about Solitaire. 2022 marks the 30th birthday of Microsoft Solitaire, one of the most played games in history. Even with so many competitors in the market, this game still has a strong fan base with 35 million monthly players.

Microsoft Solitaire was introduced on May 22, 1990 as part of Microsoft 3.0, formerly called Windows Solitaire, as a game to teach users how to use the mouse drag-and-drop function. Little did Microsoft know that it would become one of the most iconic games in history.

It is a huge achievement for any product developer to create something that resonates with a huge audience base, becomes a love of many, and stays relevant despite all the competition. Have you ever thought about what made Solitaire withstand the test of time? It is purely due to the powerful thinking and well-strategized working behind Solitaire. They started off with a goal, kept evolving throughout, and took measures for users’ gratification.

Here are a few reasons Solitaire remains so popular:

Evolution for Modern Users

One of the best things about Solitaire is that it has not been stuck in the old mode of Windows 3.0. It has evolved with every new version of Windows until Windows 7.0. Solitaire evolved along the lines of graphics, new features, interface, card designs, and a lot more. But these are not the only changes Solitaire underwent over the years. 

Solitaire is not just limited to Windows PCs. It has adapted to the changing scenarios of the modern world and seeped through our latest devices in the form of apps and has started ruling the online world with different Solitaire gaming sites. It simply means you don’t need to stick to the computer. You can play it wherever you want to play. This modernized advancement has also injected new life into the love for Solitaire that’s still growing.

Microsoft Solitaire Turns 30 – Still Going Strong!

Various Variations

Now, after 30 years, Solitaire has evolved a lot. It is no longer just a card game with a couple of different variations under its umbrella. It is a whole suite of games—more than 100—that were introduced over the years with different gameplay, rules, and functionality. Including FreeCells, Pyramid, Golf, TriPeaks, Canfield, Aces Up, and Scorpion, there are so many options to keep users hooked.

Each variation has different goals, rules, designs, and card formation. So, even if all these games are Solitaire, they have their own charm. These different variations keep the love for Solitaire fresh for the players, and they stay jumping and pumping to play it again and again.

Strategizing Skills

If you think Solitaire is just another game that people play to kill time or run away from work, then you need to think again. Solitaire has many hidden health benefits. It helps people develop planning, strategizing, and critical thinking skills that help them solve other life’s matters more strategically. So, Solitaire is not just a game but also a source of mind training so that you can come up with better solutions and plan things intelligently in the real world as well. 

This element is another factor that has slowly but impactfully pushed Solitaire through the years. Even though it has reached 30, it still gets love. .

New Ways to Play Solitaire

While Microsoft was the pioneer of digital solitaire, there are now dozens of different Solitaire games you can play with their own unique features and twists to the game. 

  • On Solitaire Bliss, you can play over 30 different solitaire games and create an account to track your progress.
  • Branium Solitaire is an excellent solitaire app with smooth game play. Moreover, you can play offline with this app
  • On Solitaired, you can play Klondike, or the classic version of the game, with your own custom cards!


This year our very own Solitaire game turned 30 and Microsoft celebrated this milestone by setting a new world record. This is a happy moment for all the card game lovers who have spent their childhood, teenage, or adulthood playing Solitaire the whole night without getting bored. However, this milestone of Solitaire gives a hidden lesson to other game developers on how to keep your game relevant and be successful in the competitive market.

So, first thing, develop a game that the target audience can relate to and fall in love immediately. Secondly, keep on evolving and don’t stick to the old school patterns. Fulfill users’ gratification through this game that keeps them coming back. Don’t forget to think from a long term perspective that brings your game into the line of classics. That’s what Solitaire makers did, and that’s what you should do too. But before you develop your game, Solitaire is ready to serve you well.

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