Making A Maneater: An Interview With Tripwire Interactive'S John Gibson

Lisa Mior

Lisa’s been playing games since before humanity recognized computers as our benevolent overlords. Her favorite series include Suikoden, Commander Keen and Final Fantasy.

Making A Maneater: An Interview With Tripwire Interactive'S John Gibson

Making a Maneater: An interview with Tripwire Interactive’s John Gibson

Roaming the deep waters of the gulf coast, the great white maintains its place as the apex predator of the seas.
Preview: Sharkpg Maneater Certainly Holds Water 2

Preview: ShaRkPG Maneater Certainly Holds Water

According to Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the best way to observe a fish is to become a fish. No statement has rung truer for any game than this when it comes to Maneater, Tripwire Interactive’s immersive, open-world shark-based action-RPG (or shaRkPG, as they so fondly call it). The development team behind the Killing Floor franchise wants to […]
Patapon 2 Remastered (Playstation 4) Review 1

Patapon 2 Remastered (PlayStation 4) Review

I like cute things. I like rhythm games. I like cute rhythm games with catchy songs that I find my self singing relentlessly after I’m done playing — sometimes to myself, sometimes at people.
Bringing Saga: Scarlet Grace Ambitions To The West 1

Bringing SaGa Scarlet Grace: Ambitions To The West

E3 was a stand out year for fan-favourite JRPGs making their way to a new audience, thanks to the ubiquity of the Nintendo Switch.
Fractured World: The Art Of Death Stranding Connects Fans To The Game In New York 15

Fractured World: The Art of Death Stranding Connects Fans to the Game in New York

On the evening of Tuesday, November 6th, a very humble and gracious Hideo Kojima raised a glass to toast the efforts of his cast involved with the development of Death Stranding — his premiere title under created under the banner of his new studio Kojima Productions — during the opening reception of the “Fractured Worlds: […]
Interview: Achillies Is But One Man: Creative Assembly Announces Total War: Troy

Interview – Achilles is But One Man: Creative Assembly Announces Total War: Troy

Continuing their legacy of expansive and epic ventures into historical warfare, Creative Assembly and Sega today announced a brand new member of the franchise that will have players shouting “Immortality? Take it. It’s yours!”: Total War: Troy. 
Horrific Arson Attack At Kyoto Animation Studio Kills 33 People; Injured At Least 36 1

Horrific Arson Attack at Kyoto Animation Studio Kills 33 People; Injured At Least 36

A devastating fire caused by an apparent arson attack on one of Japan’s most prominent animation studios, Kyoto Animation, has left 33 dead, and four still unaccounted for. Among the dead are approximately 20 female employees, and a number of the injured are listed as in critical condition.
Final Fantasy Vii Remake Brings Midgar To Life: Hands-On Preview

Final Fantasy VII Remake Brings Midgar to Life: Hands-on Preview

Since its announcement four years ago at E3 2015, much about the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake has been left to the anxious imaginations of its fans outside of some hints as to what it could look like from a few cinematic trailers.
Revisiting Sword &Amp; Sworcery: A Talk With Jim Guthrie

Revisiting Sword & Sworcery: A Talk with Jim Guthrie

Sword & Sworcery was an indie title that sparked the hearts and minds of countless people, thanks to its engaging gameplay and melodious, ethereal soundtrack. From the original Mobile iOS release to the countless platforms the game made it too since it’s launch, the vivid music from Jim Guthrie that stuck in players’ minds long […]
Toronto'S Science Rendezvous Brings Steam Education To Families Across The Gta This Saturday 1

Toronto’s Science Rendezvous Brings STEAM Education to Families Across the GTA This Saturday

One of the cities biggest Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematics festivals returns to the Greater Toronto Area for another year, celebrating and encouraging creators of all ages on Saturday, May 11.

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