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Helldivers (PC) Review 8

Helldivers (PC) Review

Arrowhead Game Studios has built a business on forming cracks in even the strongest of friendships. In 2011, they released Magicka, a cooperative action game

Star Wars Battlefront (PC) Review 12

Star Wars Battlefront (PC) Review

Star Wars was the imaginative soil of my youth—a garden that a younger version of me spent countless hours playing in. The woods behind my

Sword Coast Legends (PC) Review 5

Sword Coast Legends (PC) Review

Computer role-playing games have struggled to capture the intimacy and limitless possibilities of their pen and paper cousins since their conception. For most of these

Rebel Galaxy (PC) Review 1

Rebel Galaxy (PC) Review

The first time Southern rock began swelling in my ears as I brought my ship to bear against an enemy frigate, I knew this was

A Fistful of Gun (PC) Review 6

A Fistful of Gun (PC) Review

If I have learned one thing this generation, it is that there is always room for another pixel-art shooter. The style has become the go-to

Blood Bowl 2 (PC) Review 7

Blood Bowl 2 (PC) Review

For a huge nerd like me, fantasy football is a major disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely respect the genius of the game, but

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PC) Review 7

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (PC) Review

There is an odd sort of tension infused into almost every aspect of Final Fantasy Type-0. It not only exists in the bizarre quasi-high definition

Legions of Steel (PC) Review 9

Legions of Steel (PC) Review

There is something engrossing about the concept of humanity’s last stand against an alien threat; it boils away all else to put us face-to-face with

Best Buy Exclusive Fallout 4 Socks 1

How Bethesda Set the Bar for E3

Going into Bethesda’s E3 conference, I have to admit that I was feeling pretty cynical. E3 has always occupied a place of ambivalence for plenty

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