5 Tips to help you prepare like a Pro for Battlefield 2042

5 Tips to help you prepare like a Pro for Battlefield 2042

People who love gaming keep themselves updated about all the latest launches and additions related to the gaming world. Every game updates itself and introduces new releases every year, which is more exciting and challenging than the previous one. The latest launch of Battlefield 2042 has created a huge buzz in the gaming world. All Battlefield fans were eagerly waiting for the release. 

All seasoned players do not start a competitive game without any preparation. As a pro player, you must understand that the first few weeks are crucial to getting a good rank in Battlefield games. When you secure a good position within the first few weeks, you also do great in the future.

5 Tips To Help You Prepare Like A Pro For Battlefield 2042 2

In the case of Battlefield 2042, the developers have added new features and obstacles to make your journey more thrilling. But there are some similarities with its previous versions as well. So, you can practice the games of the Battlefield series to polish your skills and make yourself prepared for the new launch. You will also find many websites providing effective hacks and tricks for Battlefield 2042. 

So, if you want to score well in Battlefield 2042, you need to practice and enhance your skills. Here, you will find the top 5 tips that will help you to play like a pro player in Battlefield 2042.

Top 5 tips for Battlefield 2042

  1. Guns

Battlefield 2042 is primarily a shooting game. So, if you want to master this game, you have to be good at using different guns. Gamers usually prefer automatic guns for fighting their battles. But these guns have several disadvantages. During long-range battles, you have to recoil these guns, which takes time. 

During this time, you may get shot and lose your life. But if you are fighting in a short-range battle, automatic guns are perfect. When you are in a battle, you should fire constantly but do not waste the bullets as recoiling any gun takes time. So, you must practice firing accurately.

  1. Mini map

Mini maps are very useful for any battle game. It will show you the movements of your enemies and alert you about any approaching danger. Thus, you can prepare yourself for the attack and strategize your attacks. Sometimes, we get shot without any notice. Our enemies stay hidden in different locations which are out of our sight. As a result, we do not get enough time to react. In such cases, a mini map will be a lifesaver. 

5 Tips To Help You Prepare Like A Pro For Battlefield 2042 3

In Battlefield 2042, you can monitor your enemies on the mini map and understand their plans. In this new version, you will be able to zoom in and zoom out on the map for a better look. Thus, you can plan your moves and stay one step ahead of your opponents. For more useful tips, you can check Aimclub.io.

  1. Location

Your survival depends on the location you choose. The safer the location you choose, the longer you survive. When you fire a shot and miss it, your enemies become aware of your location. 

You must change your position instantly to save yourself from counterattacks. So, before attacking your enemies, make sure that you have several safe locations around you and keep moving. Staying at one place will only risk your survival in such a battle game.

  1. Shooting

As mentioned above, Battlefield 2042 is a game of shooting. You need to aim and shoot as accurately as possible. For most of the time, moving while shooting is advised. This confuses your enemies, and they fail to shoot back as their target is moving. But for all types of shots, moving is not advised. 

5 Tips To Help You Prepare Like A Pro For Battlefield 2042 4

When you are hidden in a safe location, you should stop, aim, shoot, and escape. Thus, you will not miss a single headshot and keep yourself from wasting coils. Moreover, when you shoot while moving, the accuracy of your shots decreases by 50%. So, understand the movements of your enemies and fire accordingly.

  1. Hip-fire

If you are fighting a close-range battle, you need to be swift to shoot accurately. In games like Battlefield 2042, you get advanced weapons that have great hip-fire accuracy. So, when you are in a close-range battle, you can pull out your sidearm and aim for perfect headshots. But, this technique will not help you for long-range battles.


These are some of the most valuable tips that will help you to polish your skills. For being a pro player, you must dedicate enough time and stay focused. Even if you are facing repeated defeats, you must keep trying. Understanding your mistakes and bringing improvements are very important for every gamer. So, find your mistakes and use different playing techniques to see significant changes. Last but not least, keep practicing and keep enjoying.

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