A Slew of Final Fantasy XV News

A Slew of Final Fantasy XV News

A slew of Final Fantasy XV news has emerged. The Final Fantasy XV: Duscae Demo is getting an update, the game overall will also be undergoing drastic changes, but the biggest of them all is that the anticipated title won’t make an appearance at E3.

The demo will be receiving patch between mid and late May. Designed to address the camera, troubled lock-on and active cross battle system that players were reporting, as well as some other fixes to resolve overall stability.  Players can also expect new moves, such as joint attacks, a possible dodge roll and changing the range of Noctis’ weapon.


Director Hajime Tabata is also looking to add more features into the game by allowing players to do quests with one or two characters of their choice, provoking new conversations each time. When your party regroups at night, every character will bring back uniquely different items.

Tabata also stated the game will be getting big changes following fan feedback from the Duscae demo. Taking from the fixes that we’re addressed in the demo, Square Enix plans to further to extrapolate on that throughout the entire game.  He says the team is “thoroughly” addressing all those changes and reveals the developer is more focused on frame rate than the importance of resolution.

Tabata also divulged North American and European players complaints differed, with American players complaining about the voice of Noctis’ being too deep, and Europeans were baffled by the sexualized depiction of Cindy. Both have received work to appease fans.


Now Noctis’ will seem younger and that direction carries throughout the title. All his lines have been re-recorded. On Cindy’s behalf, her outfit will be altered and female characters will appear as guest party members and your party will react differently each time that happens.

But the biggest revelation that came out of today was that Final Fantasy XV will skip E3 for Gamescom in August. Simply put, the developers need more time to polish the game and with E3 fast approaching, they just can’t produce something to their standard for fans.  The demo release halted their schedule to bring something to the major E3 showcase this year. So in turn, the company is planning to target Gamescom for the next promotion and marketing initiative.


I find this baffling that they would not showcase their biggest title after they announced they’ll be at E3 this year for the first time hosting their own conference. Conflicting with Nintendo timeslot, who will watch this briefing knowing this title, is off the list. Hot off the demo they need to reassure fans this project is still in good shape outside of just words. We will be getting a short trailer at E3 but that’s about it. Playing is believing, and not leaving it out there on the big stage is huge mishap. Obviously they have more on their slate like, Kingdom Hearts III, Rise of the Tomb Raider and more but its shame their missing their biggest opportunity to get revised game in more peoples hands.

Do the fixes to Final Fantasy XV make you sleep easier at night? Let us know in the comments below.

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