Final Fantasy VII Tifa Figure is Finally Here

Final Fantasy VII Tifa Figure is Finally Here 2

After being delayed past its intended April 2020 release, the Final Fantasy VII Remake Tifa Lockhart figure has finally been released.

Play Arts Kai, Square Enix’s figure brand, has released the Tifa figure after months of delays. The figure displays Tifa Lockhart as she appears in Final Fantasy VII Remake, with her more realistic design, new hairstyle, and updated costume. The figure stands at 10″ tall, and also includes head and hand pieces that can be swapped out. Hairpieces can also be swapped to make it seem as though Tifa’s luscious hair is blowing in the wind. 

Final Fantasy Vii Tifa Figure Is Finally Here 1
Final Fantasy VII Tifa Figure

Final Fantasy VII Remake released last year to critical acclaim, pleasing longtime fans with its faithfulness to the original game while also attracting new players with its modern gameplay system. Square Enix managed to reimagine a beloved classic that respected its roots and made changes that improved already great characters. The popular release would go on to receive many nominations at the 2020 Game Awards and won two awards that night (Best RPG and Best Score and Music). Final Fantasy VII Remake is a large project for Square Enix, one that will span across multiple titles. An upgraded version of the game, Final Fantasy VII INTERGRADE, will be arriving on June 10th, 2021. The package will include a slew of graphical and performance enhancements for the next-gen system as well as a new “episode” featuring, fan-favourite character, Yuffie Kisaragi. Hopefully, an episode featuring Tifa in the main role is still a possibility. 

If you’re not able to snag the new Tifa figure this time around no need to fret. The probability of the figure being restocked or an entirely new Tifa figure arriving after the release of FF7R Part 2 is high. If Tifa’s not your favourite (what’s wrong with you?) more Final Fantasy VII Remake figures are set to release later this year. Sephiroth, Aerith, Reno, and Rude figures are all expected to release within late spring to late summer of this year.

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