Adam Boyes, VP of Third Party at PlayStation, Says He’s Leaving Sony

Adam Boyes, VP of Third Party at PlayStation, Says He's Leaving Sony 1

The PS4 has seen an influx of third party support from developers of all kinds thanks, in part to a solid group of people working to make this a reality. Now, one of those people, Adam Boyes, will be leaving PlayStation to go back to development.

In a series of Tweets last night, Adam Boyes outlined that “After an incredible journey here at PlayStation, I’ve made the very hard decision to return to the world of game development!” he goes on to say that “The past 4+ years have been an absolutely amazing experience! I’d like to start out by thanking the incredible PlayStation Nation fans!”

Adam Boyes left the development world back in 2012 to become PlayStation brand’s VP of Publisher & Developer Relations. In that time he has worked not only bringing new development to the PlayStation platform but also worked to bring game experiences to Sony’s new PlayStation VR system. Adam Boyes is known for helping bring projects such as Grim Fandango Remaster and No Man’s Sky to the PlayStation platform.

This is not the only name connected to Sony’s outreach that has left the company. Former 1UP editor, Nick Sutter announced via Twitter last week that he also will be leaving Sony. In his Tweet, he outlines that “This feels super weird to say after 7years, but yesterday was my last day @PlayStation. It’s been amazing, but I’m off to new adventures!” There is as of yet no word on what either have planned for the future, although it does come at a point where PlayStation is the dominant gaming brand, and just before they head into the era of VR with PlayStation VR this fall.

Despite this blow to third party relations at PlayStation, the games I am sure will keep coming, with No Man’s Sky finally going gold over at Hello Games. We at CGMagazine wish Adam Boyes and Nick Sutter the very best in all future endeavours.

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